Finding Job Opportunities

Having trouble finding job listings? Check out the suggested resources below.
When appropriate, a direct link is provided to the resource -- click the image to access.
Do you have a great job board (national or St. Louis area) that isn't listed here? Let me know!


LinkedIN Jobs

During your job search, LinkedIn is your new best friend. Your LinkedIn profile is excellent for recruiter exposure, tracking networking connections, and identifying possible internal referrals. But LinkedIn Jobs is a particularly great place to look for posted opportunities. You can create and save searches, and LinkedIn will send you updates about any new opportunities that meet your search criteria. 



One of the largest "catch-all" job listings sites, Indeed is a great place to look for new opportunities. Indeed captures a broader range of opportunities, from industry to experience level. If you're having a hard time finding entry level to mid-senior roles, this is a great place to start. 



While some companies post opportunities on Glassdoor, the website's real value lies in its company and salary research features. Not sure what to expect for your position's salary? See if anyone has posted their salary history for that company (or similar companies) on Glassdoor. Curious about benefits? See real information provided by current and former employees. 


The Rome Group

A St. Louis-specific resource, The Rome Group is your go-to local resource for opportunities in the not-for-profit/philanthropic sector. While The Rome Group is primarily a consulting company for philanthropic organizations, their job board has become the top resource for non-profit listings in St. Louis. Opportunities are updated daily, so check the list often.

If you're interested in working for a cause-based, mission-centered non-profit organization, this is the place to look. Period.


Your Network

If you are currently employed, it is absolutely important to exert an appropriate level of discretion to protect your employment. But that doesn't change the fact that your network is still one of your greatest job-hunting assets.

Let people know that you are looking for new opportunities. Even if they work in a totally different department, talk to them anyway. Let people know what you're looking for. Set up some informational interviews, and explore any leads that come your way from any point in the process. Accept any offers that you receive for internal referrals.

You never know what opportunities might be opening up; but the people in your network will know about those openings long before they are posted on a job board. 


Internal Company Listings

If you have your heart set on working for a certain company, or perhaps a handful of companies, be sure to go directly to a company's internal website. Most companies provide internal career opportunity pages, with portals to support internal and external applicants. This is often the most accurate and updated source of information for a particular job opening, as it is linked to the company's internal recruiting system. 


National Associations & Local Chapters

Are you connected with your industry's local chapter of a national association? Try running a Google search for your industry + "National Association". Check the national and local websites (or industry-specific web publications) for job opportunities. A few examples include the Society for Human Resource Management, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and the American Accounting Association


Staffing Firms and Recruiters

Sometimes the opportunity you're looking for just isn't out there yet -- or perhaps you simply don't know about it yet! There are a host of companies and individuals whose sole professional purpose revolves around finding the right candidates for open positions. If they don't have anything relevant for you at the moment, they will keep track of you in their candidate database and pull your profile for future opportunities. 

Do a little research on staffing firms in your area. Find the ones that post opportunities similar to the ones you might be seeking, and reach out to share your resume and career aspirations. The hiring market is hungry for good talent -- trust me, you are doing them a favor by being proactive!