Career Coaching Services

Whether you're an active job seeker, a professional considering an industry shift, or a curious employee wondering where your professional story is headed, your story is key. In order to turn the page and enter into the next chapter of your career, you have to know your destination as well as the path that will lead you to success.

That's where I come in: your Career Coach. 

why 'Career coach'?

My mission is simple: to empower you to tell your professional story in a way that is clear, confident, and compelling. 

The process that I walk through with my clients is my own unique, nerdy love language. It is a great privilege to coach you on how to effectively define and communicate your professional story, both in writing and in person.

The word "coach" best embodies my approach in this process: I see our interaction as a partnership, an opportunity for me to guide you as you work to achieve your professional goals.

Client Testimonials

  • Hannah is very talented. She worked quickly to provide me with a resume I feel very confident submitting to potential employers. I was very impressed with her professionalism, positivity, and efficiency. I would recommend Hannah's services to anyone!
    — Katie
  • Hannah's expertise, insights, encouragement, and organizational skills have given me more focused direction in my career. I feel like I know myself, my gifts, and my framework for career choices much better than before...the whole process really surpassed my expectations.
    — Sarah
  • Hannah was the gamechanger I didn't realize I needed in my recent job pursuit. She turned out to be my resume's best friend! In one meeting, she was able to unearth tasks, skills, and performance metrics that I had overlooked. She also counseled me regarding the best positions to fit my interests, values, and goals. If you partner with Hannah, be prepared to get to work -- I did, and I couldn't be more pleased!
    — Jordan
  • Hannah is a great listener and can break things down to simplify a subject. She is down to earth and made me feel comfortable. Very responsive, which was great after some previous experiences I had with others. She has a good grasp on resumes, coaching, and recruiting.
    — John
  • In my previous job, I was wrestling with a negative culture and overwhelming work load. Searching and applying for new opportunities--on top of my existing responsibilities--felt completely exhausting. Hannah eased a lot of that burden, and allowed me to successfully transition into a new job that is a much better fit for me.
    — Rick
  • Hannah's help was comforting during a stressful time. She took my resume from 'college' to 'professional', and asked thoughtful and challenging questions that prepared me well for my interviews. I am so thankful for her help!
    — Rachel

Overview of Services 

Below, you will find a list of available services. For each category of service, I offer two levels of engagement -- consultation and full-service engagement.

Consultation is the most cost-effective option. We get together over coffee or on the phone, discuss your goals, and you have the opportunity to ask questions. At the end of consultation, it is your responsibility to take the information we've discussed and apply it.

Full-service engagement includes consultation, as well as ll follow-up writing, editing, and reporting work, such as drafting a new version of your resume, or providing written interview feedback. This option provides the most value for your time, and leaves you with polished, recruiter-ready materials. 


  • Cost-effective

  • Casual, conversational process

  • Follow-up work is your responsibility


  • Greatest value

  • Consultation included

  • All materials completed on your behalf


Pricing for all services is simple: you are only billed for time spent on your behalf. All services are completely customizable, and I offer a deep discount for anyone who is currently transitioning out of unemployment.

I do this job because I love the opportunity to serve people. If you're concerned about the potential cost, contact me and we can explore a solution that best meets your needs and budget. 

Ready to get started? Contact me for pricing and a complimentary ‘next steps’ recommendation, tailored to your specific professional context. I look forward to serving you!

Available Services

Career Exploration


About 50% of americans are dissatisfied with their careers.

If you dislike your job or simply find no enjoyment in your work, you’re not alone. Every day, I hear stories about grueling work environments, poor job fit, and a persistent feeling of being “stuck.”

Even if you have no idea what to do next, it might be time to explore the possibilities in your career. Whether you’re considering a shift within your current organization or a significant move to an entirely different industry, walking through a career exploration process can help you define your strengths, goals, and next steps.

My Career Exploration services are designed to:

  • Facilitate useful, approachable conversations about your career

  • Explore targeted topics including your professional history, strengths, goals, and interests

  • Accurately reflect your professional strengths, goals, and next steps so you can move forward

I don’t bombard you with a binder full of assessments, graphs, and generic explanations that apply to the masses; sure, one or two assessments are tools that might come in handy! But instead of letting a test define you, I seek to understand you as an individual. Then, like a mirror, I reflect that professional identity back for your consideration. The process is casual, approachable, and 100% customizable according to your preferences and context.

Ready to take the next step? Contact me today to get started.


Interview Coaching

Most interviewers know in the first 90 seconds whether or not they are going to hire you. 

The best way to identify and correct your interview performance? Practice.

I offer in-person, phone, and video mock interviews, including comprehensive, constructive feedback reports. My feedback is precise, thorough, and kind, always tailored to effectively improve your interview performance. We identify areas for growth, but we also work together to bring those changes to fruition.

Don't let one cringe-worthy answer or a minor non-verbal habit ruin your chances of landing your dream job! Contact me today.  


Resumes and Cover Letters

5 to 7 seconds.

That's the average amount of time that recruiters spend looking at your resume.

Your true first interview--and the first chance to tell your story--begins with your application materials: your resume, cover letter, reference list, and any other requested written materials. Weak language, buried or vague experience descriptions, and overlooked grammatical errors can quickly disqualify you for an incredible opportunity before you even step foot in the workspace. 

As a recruitment professional, I know exactly what your interviewers are looking for, and am well-equipped to prepare a polished application tailored to your specific career goals. Reach out today to get started.


Social Media and General Web Presence


89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn.

Did you know that recruiters are checking your social media profiles long before you even consider applying for a job? Your web presence should tell your professional story in a way that inspires interest in your candidacy.

My social media and web services will leave you with a strong, cohesive web presence that will highlight your professional achievements and thus attract recruiters, increasing the likelihood that you will be considered for new opportunities. 

When paired with a resume writing service, I can execute a complete overhaul of your LinkedIn profile in 30 minutes or less. Contact me to get started.